Islamic Account

FinoTrend is broker for whom religious beliefs of clients are very important. We don’t  want  our clients to fail in any Muslim rule. That is the reason FinoTrend provides investors who follow the Islamic faith  access to interest-free trading accounts that follow Riba's fundamental prohibitions, according to Sharia.

To not violate the terms of Riba al-Nasi'ah, which prohibits money-to-money exchanges on a delayed basis, we offer only spot contracts for forex, gold, silver, and oil. To avoid interest rates, FinoTrend  allows traders  to hold positions overnight - and indefinitely - without deducting or crediting interest rate charges (rollovers) from FinoTrend  trading account.

To open an islamic account with FinoTrend,  please complete the registration and verification process. Fund your account and contact our helpful support team at [email protected] , provide your details and they will update your account within  few minutes.

Open An Islamic Account

Muslim customers can open a real Islamic account by registering the live trading account and sending the request for the swap-free option to [email protected].

Make sure you have uploaded your verification documents and included your account number in your request.

Please open the Account Type you wish according to your deposit and contact your Account Manager to activate to [email protected]. Support will make the necessary updates to your account and contact you quickly to verify the changes.

All transactions in Islamic accounts are closed at 22:00:00 GMT and reopened at 22:00:01 GMT, which keeps open positions for the next 24 hours.

Account-holders do not pay any fees and do not violate Sharia law.

Traders using an Islamic account can work with all trading instruments, use leverage, hedge positions, deposit and withdraw funds in any convenient way.

Open an Islamic account