Energies are those assets which are based on crude oil and its derivatives. Trading energy will, therefore, include crude oil and natural gas. These two are the most commonly traded energy assets.

Under the commodities tab on the WebTrader platform, traders may also get the chance to trade heating oil, coal, diesel, ethanol, and a few other lesser-known crude oil derivatives.

Energy assets are traded as CFD instruments on the FinoTrend platform.

This means that traders can deal based on cash exchange for contracts based on the price movements of these assets without actually owning the physical assets themselves.

Margin requirements for energy assets trading online are much higher than is required for currency trading. Therefore, traders who are interested in trading energy assets on the WebTrader must be familiar with the contract requirements for each asset.

Contracts on energy assets do not have an expiry/delivery date when traded in a CFD format. They can be closed at any time by the trader, so traders do not worry about contracts expiring on their open trades.

You can set your trades and close them whenever you want, or leave them open for as long as you want.

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